Be competitive with loan companies!

Weird Things To Be Competitive About

So the other day, me and a friend were discussing who has the best loan rates. It got quite heated. And now that I think about it, loan rates is a pretty weird thing to get competitive about.

I’m a competitive person, so I would say I probably get into more of these weird competitions than the average person.

Here are just a few of the things I will argue with you about. And win.

Who has had the worst first date? I am probably the worst human on the planet to tell in the event any kind of embarrassing or unfortunate experience. I will try to one up you. And I will win. Even though I know it does me no favours.

Who can be the most self-deprecating? Why do I even want to win this? It can be over anything. Who gained the most weight, who has the worst skin, who is the most annoying. I’ll fight for all of the superlatives.

Who looks the worst. On any given day, if someone tells me they look bad. I look worse. Even if I secretly think I look the best I’ve ever looked, I will find something to pick on.

Finally, being competitive about who is the most competitive. It’s obviously me.

I can’t normally play games I don’t already know I’m good at. But when I do, and I lose. I will turn it into a competition with the rest of the world. No one. I repeat, no one. Is worse at that game than I am.

I’m like Monica from Friends, the only way I can accept not being the best at something is to become the best at being the worst.

And people wonder why I’m single. I’m literally the most annoying friend ever! Anyway one thing we learned was that both of us have very good loan rates lol. We googled loan companies near me and were astonished at the rates offered. Next thing we’ll fight about is who has the cheapest auto insurance 🙂