Nail Salons Near Me

Okay, random and off topic. But I’ve been looking for nail salons near me all day and I have no idea what I’m looking for lol..

My wife’s birthday is coming up soon and she loves getting her nails done at the salon. Which salon you might ask? I don’t know!

That’s my biggest problem. I’ve been using the site above to find salons near me, and Google maps. Unfortunately 99% of the salons in my area have like zero reviews, or bad reviews..

So this really makes me wonder. Where in the world does my wife go? and should I get her something else for her birthday.

At this rate, I’m going to have to resort to shopping on Amazon for some random thing she might like, and hope that it comes in time!

Anyway, at least I ran into a pretty interesting website:

It helps you find and compare salons near you. Which sounds nice, but it doesn’t have great coverage everywhere. If you’re in a big city you’ll be fine. People like me on the other hand are out of luck.