NJ car insurance is dam overpriced

Hey guy’s quick update, I’m visiting New Jersey to see some family and I’m going to be here a while ( 3+ months).

I brought my car from Canada, but I needed to get some short term car insurance in NJ, anyway I was able to find a compare quotes on a site I found: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/.

Getting cheap auto insurance in NJ was a lot harder then I imagined it to be. Seriously I live in Canada, and our insurance is super expensive compared to most states. Too bad New Jersey isn’t one of those states. I don’t know how Americans can afford car and health insurance, it’s so expensive. My friends in texas are paying like 30% of what I pay for car insurance in New Jersey. Can someone in Texas explain why car insurance in texas is so cheap, and why I’m paying so much! America is weird, that’s for sure. Don’t even get me started on state like georgia, I did some googling and found cheap car insurance in ga, just for comparison sake. They pay like 20% of what we’ll be paying in New Jersey.

What I plan to do about this. I’ve been going for cheap car insurance options. One type of insurance I keep running into is called no deposit car insurance, I found some very cheap car insurance no deposit required quotes online. It’s still expensive, but a lot cheaper than the alternatives.

That’s my insurance update for now. If you got some advice on car insurance in America, please do help me out!

Anyway I’ll be in New Jersey for a little bit. New blog updates coming soon I hope. Follow me on twitter if you want to keep in touch.