Welcome to Wayslac

Welcome to Wayslac

What the hell does Wayslac stand for? My nickname in college was WAY, like move out of the “way”. Slac is was my nickname in high school, I won’t go into that one.

Anyone the name of my blog isn’t important, whats important is who I am, what this is about and why you should read my blog.

A little about myself

  • A father of 3
  • Work in Digital Marketing
  • Live in Texas ( Austin)
  • Hate sports

This blog is going to be about digital marketing, Since I do Search Engine Optimization and Facebook advertising for my company, I’m interested in networking with others in the field. Live in Austin or near me and want to meet up for a coffee? You can send me an email at: Steve@wayslac.org.

I promoise I’m not as weird as I may seem… I’m about half as weird.